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iDealTrade is an online, automated, matching platform for local authority deposits and loans, designed and developed by Arlingclose Ltd. iDealTrade aims to bring better rates, lower transaction costs and improved trade documentation to the “local to local” market and is available to all local authorities, PCCs, fire and rescue and combined authorities.

Existing Users

New Users

New users can sign up as a guest, to view the site and current order book. Subject to a verification process by the iDealTrade team and acceptance of our Guest Terms and Conditions, guest passes will be granted, usually for a period of two weeks. From here, it’s easy to upgrade to full user with trading permissions, once we have received and verified standard settlement instructions.

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How does iDealTrade work?

Users can fill existing orders from other local authorities, shown in our live online “order book”. Alternatively, users can enter a “new order”, this will be placed on the order book and be visible to other users. Compatible bids and offers will be automatically matched; at this point, the borrowers name will be revealed to the investor, who is then given the opportunity to either accept or reject the bid. Settlement remains an offline process and is the responsibility of the two matched counterparties. Transactions fees, payable by the borrower, are significantly lower than traditional voice brokering services.

Users are provided with regular notification of order status, prompted by email when action is required, and are provided with a comprehensive trade confirmation. Users can also easily manage their open orders, changing details or cancelling orders if required.

Unique Features

iDealTrade is the only “local to local” matching platform available with completely automated trading, ensuring all orders are treated consistently and fairly – you always get the best rate available on the platform. iDealTrade includes several other useful features, designed to help ensure you get the deal you want as efficiently as possible:

  • Partial order fill functionality
  • User defined dealing limits
  • Ability to deal for one or more authorities
  • Standardised loan documentation
  • Forward dealing function
  • Unique counterparty filter

Trade Support

iDealTrade provide a trade support helpline. Regular user-group meetings will be held to inform on-going systems enhancements and further product development. 


iDealTrade is owned and operated by Arlingclose LTD, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Arlingclose operate a robust conflict of interest policy. Local Authority terms deposits do not fall under the scope of the European Union’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). The Bank of England’s UK Money Markets Code sets out the standards and best practice expected from participants in the deposit, repo and securities lending markets in the United Kingdom. 

Arlingclose LTD Statement of Commitment to the UK Money Markets Code

Arlingclose hereby acknowledges that the UK Money Markets Code (‘the Code’) represents a set of principles generally recognised as good market practice in the UK Money Markets. Arlingclose confirms that it is a UK Market Participant as defined by the Code, and has committed to conducting its UK Money Market activities in adherence with the principles of the Code. Specifically, in a manner that is commensurate with the size and nature of its UK Money Market activities, Arlingclose has established and implemented policies and procedures that accord with the Code (in so far as the content does not conflict with applicable law). Appropriately senior management will review these regularly to ensure their continued relevance and effectiveness.